Chrome Users: Try the Extension

Sorry to post a 2012 post in 2016, but check out this post about Chrome and Wow so cool :).

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Want to receive notifications instantly, even when you’re not on

Add the new extension for Chrome and as soon as you get a new follower or a new like on one of your posts, a notification will appear in your browser:

Simply click the icon to view your latest notifications:

Start following new blogs without visiting

The Chrome extension also makes it easy to follow sites from your account by displaying a Follow button whenever you’re browsing a site that has an RSS feed.

Clicking the Follow button will add new posts from the website to your reader, and send you an email each time an update is published. (You can change your default email settings if you like.)

When you visit a site, you’ll notice that the extension icon will turn blue, but keep in mind that you can follow blogs…

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Introducing VR and 360° Content for All Sites

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Cool VR and 360 stuff on 🙂

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Virtual Reality is coming to! As of today, you can create and publish your own VR content on any site, starting with 360° photos and 360° videos (beta), and you can view regular photos and panoramas in VR. Our goal is to make publishing VR content as simple as publishing text or photos to the web — just add VR content to your site and anyone with a web browser can instantly enjoy it.

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A Refreshed Reader for 2017

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An awesome refreshed reader for 2017 😎

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Reader is’s town square, where you can follow your favorite sites and read them in a distraction-free environment. We’ve been working on a refresh for months, and we’re thrilled to share it with you today. For readers, we hope these changes will surprise and delight you, adding more diversity to your stream and exposing you to posts you’ll love. And for writers, we want to put your awesome work in front of a whole new audience.

A Simplified Design

We want Reader to feel like a magazine you can cozy up with, so we’ve streamlined the design, featuring clean text on a simple white background. We’ve also increased the information density so you can see more of the sites you love with less scrolling.

New Post Layouts

There’s a huge variety of content in Reader. We want to make sure it looks great no matter what, so the layout now responds to what’s in the post. For example…

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All blogs get popular – it just takes patience

I remember my blog’s special day – October 8th 2016 – when my blog got really popular. My blog transformed from being a blog that sometimes doesn’t get any views to a blog that gets loads.

My blog’s views began to slow down again but they were still good – until I ended up getting less than 10 views a day. I had to cope with that until my blog got more popular again in November.

Now I am getting 15-60 views a day, which is not too bad. I am sure, that one day again, my blog will get over 700 views a day.

Be patient – it took 4 years for my blog to get popular, and Charlieseverythingblog still hasn’t had a special day before. However, who knows what the future holds…

New Theme: Ixion

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Cool new theme arrives to Find the original post: 😎

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Howdy all! Today I’m happy to present a new free theme in our collection:


Ixion Responsive WordPress Theme

Designed by Mel Choyce, Ixion is a clean and professional theme for schools, non-profits, and organizations.

Put your most exciting news front and center with a custom header image and a call-to-action button, highlight your three most noteworthy accomplishments on the home page, or use Testimonials to showcase your organization’s satisfied students or customers.

Ixion is responsive, meaning it will adapt to screens and devices of all shapes and sizes.

Ixion Responsive WordPress theme

Intrigued? Learn more about Ixion by checking out the theme’s showcase!

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